George Jackson (1942–1971)

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Huey P. Newton on the Murder of George Jackson
28 August 1971. Excerpts of the stirring eulogy that was delivered at Comrade George's Revolutionary Memorial Service on August 28, 1971, by Black Panther Party President Huey P. Newton.
George Jackson: Black Revolutionary
By Walter Rodney, November 1971. George Jackson, like Malcolm X before him, educated himself painfully behind prison bars to the point where his clear vision of historical and contemporary reality and his ability to communicate his perspective frightened the U.S. power structure into physically liquidating him.
George Jackson Lives!
Editorial from the Black Panther Intercommunal News Service, 12–25 August 1978. The recent prison rebellions at Folsom, Pontiac, Joliet, and Reidsville are testaments to the life and untiring work of George Jackson to expose the inhumane conditions suffered by the millions of men and women warehoused in the prisons and jails of America.
‘They will never count me among the broken men:’ The political significance of George Jackson
By Jitu Sadiki, from the People's Tribune, 27 August 1996. On August 21, 1971, George L. Jackson, a leader of the Black Panther Party, died from multiple bullet wounds at San Quentin Prison. The author of Soledad Brother and Blood in My Eye and a charismatic leader among prisoners and the oppressed generally, Jackson combined 10 years of participation in the prison struggle with the study and spread of scientific socialism.
Anniversary of an assassination: George Jackson Lives!
From the Editors of the People's Tribune, September 1996. A tribute.
Activists Commemorate the Life and Death of George Jackson
Radio Havana Cuba, 21 August 2006. African-American activists in the United States are commemorating the life and death of George Jackson, a political prisoner who became a member of the Black Panther Party while in prison. He was killed on this date in 1971—35 years ago.