Black Radical Congress formation (January–June 1998)

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Black Radical Congress plans national meeting
Special to the People's Weekly World, 31 January 1998. The Black Radical Congress, in its two-day meeting here, laid plans for its founding conference in Chicago in June. About 100 organizers from the East Coast, the South and Midwest attended the Jan. 24–25 meeting at Columbia University.
Press Release
From the Black Radical Congress, 6 February 1998. Philatelphia BRC formation. Philadelphians endorsing the call for a Black Radical Congress (BRC) will convene our first official meeting.
Black Radical Congress [Mission]
From the Black Radical Congress, 16 March 1998. A mission statement. A list of the endorsers of the call for the June conference.
Black Radical Congress Call and Principles of Unity
11 May 1998. On June 19–21, a Black Radical Congress will convene to bring together african-american activists from the diverse strains of radical activism in this country. Following is the initial call and organizing pamphlet, followed by the principles of unity.
Towards the Black Radical Congress
By Manning Marable, Colorlines, Summer 1998. Background of the BRC and the Chicago congress.