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A Black liberation agenda for the twenty-first century
The Position of The New York Metro Local Organizing Committee of the Black Radical Congress. A Call for Sisters & Brothers to Re-Unite and Fight for Liberation!! [December 1998].
Rewly ratified official BRC Draft Freedom Agenda
29 April 1999. The final draft [for this period] of our Freedom Agenda, which we ratified April 17 in Baltimore.
Can Black radicalism speak the voice of Black workers?
By Bill Fletcher, Jr., Race & Class, Vol.40 no.4, April–June 1999. Despite the important political thrust of the BRC towards Black workers and the Black poor, two incidents related to the Chicago conference illustrated the challenge of re-fusing Black radicalism and the Black working-class experience.
Some Thoughts On The BRC, The ‘Post-Civil Rights Era’, And The History Of Black Radicalism
By Robin D. G. Kelley, 20 June 1998. Reaction to various BRC position papers. Assesses what has happened to Black communities over the past 25 years and where has the ‘mainstream’ Civil Rights movement been on these issues? Where have been the some of the critical points of struggle taken up by Black Radicals in that period, and are they still relevant?
Schools or Jails? A campaign to bring attention to the plight of black youth
By Leah Samuel, 28 June 2000. Black children are being trained to become inmates and are targeted for death, rather than being helped to become productive, participating citizens. At its national organizing conference at Wayne State University the BRC launched its first national campaign to bring attention and change to the country's education and criminal justice systems.
Black Radical Congress Press Release
National Organizing Conference, 23–25 June, 2000, Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan. The Congress identified the many problems faced by the Black masses; we heard from the fighters and resisters in our communities; we resolved to develop a living Freedom Agenda; and we identified important campaigns to challenge white supremacy and capitalist exploitation.
BRC A Motown Hit!
By Herb Boyd, National Editor, The Black World Today, 5 July 2000. The intergenerational dialogues that sparked the Black Radical Congress' (BRC) first national conference two years ago in Chicago took another productive form (June 23–25) here at Wayne State University. Frank and open discussions on the culture of violence that plagues black women, environmental issues that endanger us all, and what organizing techniques to use to empower the BRC.
BRC Statement
Black Radical Congress press release, 27 February 2001. Five-part plan of action, with an initial focus on a petition campaign to make police brutality and misconduct a federal crime, and support the defense of the Charleston Five, five South Carolina longshore workers facing imprisonment for their role in a planned picket against a union-busting shipping line.
Black Radical Congress 2003 national meeting: War, Racism and repression; Confronting the US empire
BRC call, 22 April 2003. The Black Radical Congress is fully aware of the grave dangers facing all oppressed people, the nation and the world in which we live. If the present reactionary direction of the Bush administration is not stopped we are headed for a new-world conflagration. The Center for African American Studies will host the national meeting of BRC, June 20–22, 2002.
Black Radical Congress meets in New Jersey
By Sam Manuel, The Militant, 14 July 2003. Over 170 people attended the national conference of the BRC in South Orange, NJ, June 20–22. Discussions: reparations from the imperialist powers; the AIDS crisis and fratricidal wars in Africa; U.S. aggression against Venezuela and Cuba; the foreign debt of semicolonial countries; the U.S. occupation of Iraq; and the government assault on democratic rights and the rights of immigrants. Delegates did not approve any proposals for specific actions.