The Chicago Congress, 19–21 June 1998)

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Black Radical Congress To Convene In Chicago In June 1998
By Herb Boyd, Black Radical Congress, 29 January 1998. Call to the Chicago congress.
The Struggle Continues: Setting A Black Liberation Agenda for the 21st Century
By Black Radical Congress, 19–21 June 1998. A statement setting forth a political agenda for Black liberation in relation to U.S. capitalism.
What Is The Black Radical Congress (BRC)?
From the Black Radical Congress, 19–21 June 1998. A statement from the Chicago congress includes the history of the BRC, the progressive movement for Black liberation, the draft program of the congress, and the eleven principles of uniy.
A Black Freedom Agenda For The Twenty First Century (Draft)
Black Radical Congress, 24 June 1998. What can unite us in struggle is a common vision and agenda for the twenty-first century, reflecting our aspirations and ideals, for the construction of a new society and a new humankind. Fourteen goals.
The Black Radical Congress
By Larry Holmes, Workers World, 9 July 1998. Concering the Chicago congress held on 19–21 June 1998.
700 Attend Black Radical Congress
By Maurice Williams, The Militant, 13 July 1998. About the Chicago congress.
What next for the Black Radical Congress
By Gerald Sanders, The Organizer, Summer 1998. Report on the Chicago congress.