Jericho 98

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Resolution for consideration by the Congressional Black Caucus seeking release of imprisoned victims of COINTELPRO abuses
By Jericho Organizing Committee, 13 October 1997.
What is Jericho ‘98’
The African Global Experience list, 21 January 1998. Our political prisoners and prisoners of war have been languishing in U.S. prisons for decades while we wage ineffective and disorganized campaigns to secure their freedom. It is time to forge a single issue campaign of international significance.
Jericho Rant!
By Marpessa Kupendua, 24 February 1998. I CANNOT understand why more folks are not organizing around Jericho that are supposed to be down for the cause of advancing black people, people find every reason under the sun to not support this effort.
March to Free Political Prisoners Garners Local Support
By Marcus Amick, Michigan Chronicle, 11–17 March 1998. Detroit, MI— A recent forum at Wayne State University. Wayne State's Pan-African Research and Documentation Center sponsored a rally to galvanize local support for Jericho '98, an international movement to free individuals who have been imprisoned and exiled for their political stances.