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Economic struggles of US labor

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 History of the US working class in general

Specific struggles

  Documents for Detroit newspaper strike
  Documents for Boeing strike
  Documents for Wheeling-Pitt steel lockout, Warren OH
  Documents for Bridgestone/Firestone
  Documents for A.E. Staley lockout, Decatur IL
  Documents for Yale Strike
  Documents for United Parcel Service
  Documents for BART transportation strike in San Francisco
"Kaizen" means bad karma for Subaru workers
By Ryan Amptmeyer. 2 September, 1995. In 1989, politicians supported Subaru plant in Lafayette, Indiana, as anti-labor dream. The costs have become evident.

Farm workers

For farm workers: A year of gains; more struggles ahead
By Marilyn Bechtel, in People's Weekly World, 8 April, 1995. Meeting to honor Cesar Chavez and recall the organizing drive of the previous year.
Emil Shaw, 500 new Mexicans say, 'Cesar Chavez, Presente!'
By Emil Shaw. 18 November, 1996. People from all over New Mexico gather to commemorate Cesar Chavez.
April 13: march for strawberry workers' rights
Special to the People's Weekly World, 15 March, 1997. Massive UFW/AFL-CIO organizing campaign in California.
Farm Workers Rights and Human Rights Embraced; Farm Workers and Farmers Champion the Strawberry Industry
10 July, 1997. Strawberry Workers & Farmers Alliance (SW&FA), in an implicit attack on the UFW, presses for a workers' right law, ie, right to work laws (the right to work for less).
Farm Workers Say, 'Union Yes!'
By Nan Bailey, in the Militant, 25 August, 1997. Rally of August 10th part of drive to organize state of Washington.

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