The contemporary political history of Estados Unidos Mexicanos (Mexico)

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Elections in Mexico: Indigenous Suffrage Under Protest
By Araceli Burguete, from Abya Yala News, Fall 1994. Constitutional amendment in 1992 widened the political rights of indigenous peoples in Mexico. Although indigenous turnout for presidential election in August 1994, was high, indigenous peoples remained politically disatisfied.
Urgent Letter from the National Commission for Democracy in Mexico
4 January 1995. A US lobby group that aims to alter US intervention in Mexico.
Interview with the Vampire: PR helps the PRI drain Mexico dry
Fact sheet on the manipulation of the Mexican Elections by La Mujer Obrera, 16 January 1995. And its relation to the distribution of private wealth in Mexico.
At the junction of change
By Javier Medina Ibarra, from the Heartbeat of Mexico, 29 August 1995. Regarding flexibility of PRI.
When No News Isn't Good News: Zedillo’s State of the Union Address
By David Crow and Javier Medina Ibarra, from Heartbeat of Mexico, 5 September 1995.
Anniversary of 1968 massacre: Thousands protest in Mexico
By Rebeca Toledo, from the Workers World, 19 October 1995. Students and workers commemorate the 1968 government massacre of students known as the Tlatelolco Massacre.
Encouraging News for Political Reform (Until Further Notice)
By David Crow, in MexPaz, 3 April 1996. Regarding electoral reform.
Mysterious Rebel Group Goes On Offensive After Months of Propaganda
Associated Press, 28-30 May 1997. Regarding Popular Revolutionary Army (EPR).
Mexico elections end seven decades of PRI rule
By Daniel Vila, in People’s Weekly World, 12 July 1997. Regarding PRD electoral victory in Mexico City.