The economic history of Estados Unidos Mexicanos (Mexico)

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Press release: World Bank and IMF share in blame for Mexico’s crisis
From the 50 Years Campaign on Mexico Crisis, 6 January 1995.
Crisis deepens as banks demand wage freeze
By Teresa Gutierrez, in Workers World, 7 January 1995.
Workers in Mexico Pay for Peso’s Fall. Austerity, privatizations, more debt promoted as solution to economic crisis
By Naomi Crane, in the Militant, 12 January 1995.
Structural Adjustment in Mexico
By Carlos Heredia and Mary Purcell. Development Group for Alternative Policies, 1995. Social impact of SAP in Mexico.
U.S. seeks control of Mexico—s oil
By Jim Genova, in the People’s Weekly World, 21 January 1995. US offers to bail Mexico out of her crisis, with Mexicon oil industry as collateral.
U.S. aid package to Mexico is band-aid for failed global economic policies and a threat to peoples of both countries
By National Commission for Democracy in Mexico, 25 January 1995.
Mexican Economic Growth: Maquiladoras and Emigres
Nicaragua Solidarity Network, Weekly News Update, 25 August 1996. Significant growth in Mexican GDP due to maquiladoras and emigré labor in the US sending money home.
Oil, debt and Mexico's national sovereignty
By Deirdre Griswold, in Workers World, 16 February 1995.
Mexico crisis: U.S. banks are behind dirty war
By Deirdre Griswold, in Workers World, 23 February 1995.
The rape of Mexico
By Victor Perlo, in People’s Weekly World, 4 March 1995. Gainers and losers in US bailout.
Zedillo govᰱt looks to U.S. imperialism
By Rebeca Toledo, in Workers World, 19 October 1995. Zedillo’s response to Mexico’s fiscal crisis.
Mexican Sugar Growers Strike
From NAFTA & Inter-American Trade Monitor, 15 December 1995. Effects of privatization of sugar mills.