The history of capitalism in Guatemala

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Starbucks Releases Code of Conduct
U.S./Guatemala Labor Education Project, Guatemala Labor Update, 3 November 1995. Labor gets the US coffee company to admit it is accountable for working conditions.
Starbucks Reneges on Labor Agreement, Solidarity Groups Say
Cerigua Weekly Briefs, 6 March 1997. A 1995 pledge by the Starbucks Coffee Company to ensure its farm workers receive fair wages and conditions now appears little more than a public relations stunt. In the two years since the labor code was established, the company has refused to identify, let alone monitor, its Guatemalan coffee growers.
Starbucks Campaign on Hold
US/GLEP release, 12 May 1997. Starbucks recently informed the U.S./Guatemala Labor Education Project that it has decided to explore the feasibility of a pilot project for implementing its code of conduct for growers of its coffee in Guatemala.
Secret War Against the Trade Unions
By Luc DeMaret, ICFTU Online..., 11 December 1997. In Guatemala, Wackenhut won the contract to provide security to the American Embassy in Guatemala City. Its staff transport funds for the McDonalds restaurants in that country and also provide security for several companies. More discretely, however, it reportedly obtains tips for its customers allowing them to prevent the creation of trade unions in their companies or helping them to eliminate those that already exist.
Report devastates PVH claims
Labor Alerts, 15 June 1999. Report destroys Phillips-Van Heusen's pretexts for the closure of its only unionized facility, the Camisas Modernas factory in Guatemala. The report lends further credibility to charges that the company closed Camisas Modernas in order to destroy the union and to profit from poverty-level wages paid by sweatshop contractors in Guatemala.
World's Goodyear Unions Press Company To End Anti-Labour Practices In Guatemala
ICEM Update, 1 March 2000. Goodyear must rescind anti-union practices in its Guatemalan operations, the International Federation of Chemical, Energy, Mine and General Workers' Unions (ICEM) insists. The ICEM, which organises tire workers worldwide, runs an international network of unions representing workers in Goodyear operations.