The history of the Del Monte corporation in Guatemala

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Judge issues order to evict Guatemalan banana workers; violent confrontation feared
U.S./GLEP alert, 1 May 1998. Judge Edgar Rivera Gonzalez issued orders to evict workers at two Guatemalan banana plantations that have been at the center of a two-month-long conflict between union organizers and a manager for Del Monte Fresh Produce's Guatemalan subsidiary, Bandegua.
Guatemala Banana Worker Conflict Update
U.S./Guatemala Labor Education Project, 29 June 1998. After initially stating that the conflicts involving the Mopa and Panorama plantations were not a Del Monte problem but a third party dispute, DelMonte Fresh Produce has intervened to resolve the conflict between workers on these two plantations and the Guatemalan businessman who leases both plantations from Del Monte.
Banana Bosses Reject Compromise Proposal
Weekly News Update on the Americas, 19 July 1998. A proposed agreement for resolving ongoing disputes between banana workers and their employers has been rejected by plantation bosses. The lawyer for BANDEGUA, the Guatemalan subsidiary of Del Monte Fresh Produce, said the only way to end the work stoppage is by evicting the protesting workers from the farms.
Anti-union bananas
By Jacky Delorme, ICFTU Online..., 9 October 1999. Violations of the collective agreement, mass dismissals, refusal to negotiate, blackmail by lock-out, trade unionists mistreated by paramilitaries, false press announcements, etc. Bandegua, a subsidiary of Del Monte, bears a heavy responsibility. Terrorist raid and death threats to the leaders of SITRABI (the banana trade union). Del Monte in the dock. The United Nations demand an enquiry.
Del Monte linked to violence against workers
U.S./Labor Education in the Americas Project, Labor Alerts, 28 December 1999. New reports link Florida-based Fresh Del Monte Produce to violent intimidation of its banana workers in Guatemala. According to sworn testimony, the chief of security and the engineer for Del Monte's Guatemalan subsidiary, Bandegua, were both part of a group of 200 armed men who forced the resignation of Del Monte union leaders at gunpoint in October.
Del Monte Update: Negotiations begin
Labor Alerts, 28 February 2000. Del Monte's subsidiary in Guatemala, Bandegua, has begun to sit down to discuss a case which has now become an international scandal. It responds to international and U.S. government pressure and that of the new Labor Minister, Juan Francisco Alfaro Mijangos.