The history of telecommunications workers in El Salvador

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Salvadoran Workers Protest Privatisation: Labor Video Project (28 January, 1995)
Izote: Report from El Salvador, 28 January 1995. Privatization is going to bring about massive lay-offs in all of the affected governmental organizations. Faced with the threat by the U.S. government to cut back economic aid, various labor groups announced their opposition to the new economic measures and privatization. The first to protest were the workers of ANTEL.
Salvadorian phone workers strike on the frontline against privatization. Solidarity urgently needed
From CISPES Action Alert, 8 September 1995. Workers will strike to demand the rehiring of unjustifiably fired workers, the resignation of the phone company president and to win consideration of a worker proposal that would substitute the government plan for privatization with a true plan of modernization.
Phone Workers Strike Confronts Massive Police Presence. Continue Pressure In Support of Strike and To Demilitarize Work Sites
CISPES Action Alert, 11 September 1995. Privatization of ANTEL and fired workers. President speaks of negotiation, but PNC riot police have already taken over sites struck by ASTTEL.
Bi-monthly report to the membership for September–October 1995
By Salvadoran Association of Telecommunications Workers (ASTTEL). Report on the September strike. Government degree of 471 to get rid of state workers actually a cover for breaking the union. Privatization, etc.