The working-class history of the Republic of El Salvador

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Salvadoran Workers Fight Planned Privatizations
From Weekly News Update on the Americas, 29 January 1995. A series of protests by workers against the government's privatization plans. Social organizations began protests against the privatizations. On January 24 and on January 25 some 6,000 Public Works Ministry (MOP) employees marched in San Salvador to reject the plans, which they say involve 7,000 layoffs.
Shrimp processing workers in El Salvador: Pesquinsa employees submit new application for union recognition
Campaign for Labor Rights Action Alerts, 8 August 1998. Because of poor wages and working conditions, in November 1997 the women who worked at Pesquinsa shrimp plant in Acajutla formed a union. On January 5, they were subject to an illegal lockout, and the government denied the union recognition because its members were not working. The women have resorted to court action.