The history of maquila garment workers in El Salvador

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Salvadoran Maquila Workers Fired for Union Organizing
Maquila Solidarity Network, 30 November 1999. Within days after applying for registration of their union, SETDESA, 10 of 11 union executive members and at least 17 other workers have been fired by management at two DOALL maquila garment factories in El Salvador's San Marcos Free Trade Zone. The larger of the two factories produces for Liz Claiborne and other major US labels.
DoAll Workers Win Reinstatement; Continuing Support Needed
Maquila Solidarity Network (MSN), 25 February 2000. DoAll garment factory in El Salvador, had fired 31 workers for organizing a union to eliminate sweatshop abuses at their workplace. The reinstatement of the fired workers with full back pay thanks would not have been possible without international solidarity.