The working-class history of the Republic of Hondoruas

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Honduras Workers Warn: Improve Conditions or We Strike
Centr-Am News, week of August 16–22 1998. Two workers' Centrals are giving the Honduran government 30 days to decree a general 200 per cent salary increase and to soften its neoliberal economic policies. The Social Christian General Workers Central (CGT) and the leftist Unitarian Workers Confederation (CUTH) warned that if the demands are not met, in September workers will act.
5,000 Telephone Company Workers to be Fired
Centr-Am News, XXVI, week of Sept. 13–19 1998. The Honduran government announced on September 13 that more than 5,000 workers will be laid off in preparation for the privatization of the Honduran telephone company, HONDUTEL, in 1999.
Honduran telephone workers strike over privatization
Weekly News Update on the Americas, 11 October 1998. Honduran telephone workers suspended a sitdown strike they began in Tegucigalpa the day before over the planned privatization the Honduran Telephone Company. A union leader said: Last night we signed an agreement in which the company's management promised to talk with the president of the Congress and present our demands.
Teachers go on strike in Honduras
Ananova, 1 March 2001. Teachers organised the 24-hour strike to demand an extra 4,500 recruits. Arnaldo Pinto, of the Federation of Teachers Organisations said: The government has acted slowly in resolving the enormous demand for teachers that exists in Honduras.