The history of Chiquita banana workers in Honduras

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Honduran Banana Workers Suspend Protests
Weely Americas News Update, #421, 22 February 1998. Some 2,600 Honduran former banana workers who worked for the US transnational Standard Fruit Company suspended a protest action on Feb. 14 after reaching an accord with the Honduran government and Standard Fruit.
Honduras Journal: Where Banana Was King, Workers Fight Evictions
Larry Rohter, New York Times, 22 July 1996. Chiquita wants to evict laid-off workers from the land on which they live.
Banana workers' leader assassinated
From Agencia Informativa Pulsar, 13 May 1998. Murder of Medardo Varela, the trade union leader of the movement which forced US banana companies to pay compensation to thousands of workers affected by the use of pesticides in banana plantations.
Chiquita Subsidiary Reaches Agreement with Honduran Union and Workers
PRNewswire, 28 June 2000. Tela Railroad Company, a subsidiary of Chiquita, announced an agreement with over 650 workers as a result of discussions between the Company, representatives of the Honduran Government and the SITRATERCO labor union (a member of COLSIBA, an organization of labor unions representing banana workers in Central America and Colombia).
Chiquita Banana Workers Need Your Support
From Michael Given, 5 September 2004. Chiquita Banana Workers in La Lima and El Progreso Honduras ask for your support in their contract negotiations with the Tela Rail Road Company, a subsidiary of Chiquita Brands. The labor union Sindicato de Trabajadores de la Tela Railroad Company (SITRATERCO), which represents about 2000 banana workers has been negotiating a contract with the company for 12 months now.