The social history of the Republic of Honduras

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Missionary named to monitor Honduran indigenous agreement
By Paul Jeffrey, Special to United Methodist News Service, 15 May 1997. 3,000 indigenous and black Afro-Hondurans protest appropriation of their land by large landowners.
Peasants ejected from Tacamiche
Central America Update, 1–15 February 1996. Former day-laborers forcibly evicted from unused land belonging to a multinational fruit company. For generations, the residents of Finca Tacamiche had customary right to work the banana lands now owned by the Tela Railroad Company.
Reaching an agreement is the first step
News Release Issued by the International Secretariat of Amnesty International, 7 September 2000. The agreement reached by indigenous and black peoples in Honduras and the Ministerio Publico could pave the way for a greater respect for their human rights. The agreement ended the demonstrations and the hunger strike of indigenous peoples.
Honduran campesinos need your support
From Chicago News and Letters Committees, 15 July 2002. An appeal for support for campesinos murdered by guards working for Standard Fruit, a Dole subsidiary, in Honduras. A letter (in Spanish) supporting the Peasants of 1 October association in Honduras. An article by Kari Lydersen providing background information.