The history of children and youth in Honduras

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Fight for Children's Rights Continues in Central America
From Casa Alianza, 20 August 1997. Child poverty, labor, and imprisonment, etc.
Underage teens are abused in Honduran honky-tonks
By David Adams, St. Petersburg Times, 6 July 1999. Mounting cases of sexual abuse of local children American foreigners. Web sites provide lurid information for traveling pedophiles. The trend is global. Besides the needs of the pedophiles, the trend is fed by growing poverty and homelessness, and prostitution more appealing than maquila labor.
Police ‘dispose’ of Honduran street kids
By Duncan Campbell, The Guardian, 30 June 2000. More than 300 street children and youths have been murdered in Honduras in the past two-and-a-half years as part of a social cleansing program. Members of the police and the security services are involved in many of the killings.