The adventures of Arnoldo Aleman after 2001

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Aleman maneuvers to retain power bases
Nicaragua Network Hotline, 21 January 2002. Oscar Moncada, Arnoldo Aleman's stand-in, resigned his position as National Assembly President so that the former president could be elected to the post and thus retain a substantial quota of power after turning over the executive branch to his successor, Enrique Bolaqos.
Arnoldo Aleman removed from presidency of National Assembly!
Nicaragua Network Hotline Special Edition, 20 September 2002. A majority of the members of Nicaragua's National Assembly yesterday elected a new leadership, replacing former president Arnoldo Aleman with dissident Liberal Jaime Cuadra as president of the legislative body.
Aleman Close to Going to Prison
Nicaragua Network Hotline, 16 December 2002. The Nicaragua stripped Aleman of his immunity and by Thursday evening he was under close house arrest. Aleman was formally charged with complicity in the US$1.3 million fraud involving the government-owned TV station and defrauding the government of US$100 million.