Nicaragua under President Enrique Bolagos (2002–)

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Bolaqos inaugurated President of Nicaragua
Nicaragua Network Hotline, 14 January 2002. Enrique Bolaqos was inaugurated Nicaragua's thirty-eighth president on January 10th while thousands looked on. Among the foreigners were diplomats from the United States, which had threatened Nicaraguan voters with an aid cut-off and military intervention throughout the campaign if they voted not for Bolaqos but for the Sandinista candidate, Daniel Ortega.
IMF Mission in Nicaragua
Nicaragua Network Hotline, 18 March 2002. Nicaragua hosted the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the World Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), on a trip to evaluate compliance with structural adjustment. The programs, have come under criticism even in mainstream economic circles because they don't work, have led to increased unemployment, hunger, illiteracy and ill health for Nicaragua's poor majorities.
Bolaqos Accused of Campaign Finance Law Violations
Nicaragua Network Hotline, 4 November 2002. President Enrique Bolaqos and more than thirty current and former public officials were accused of violating the country's campaign finance law during the 2001 electoral process.
Nicaraguans March on Economic Issues and Against War
Nicaragua Network Hotline, 17 February 2003. Protest challenging the Bolaqos budget veto after IMF pressure, demanding ‘No War on Iraq,’ trying to preserve the remnants of the education system, calling for the implementation of the coffee accords and for the legalization of lands ‘granted’ to former combatants.
International Rights Jurist Attacks Bolaqos on CAFTA
Nicaragua Network Hotline, 29 September 2003. An expert on international law challenged the government on its supposed record of transparency, particularly in relationship to the US/Central American Free Trade Agreement currently under negotiation.