The history of the FSLN under President Bolaqos

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The FSLN regroups
Nicaragua Network Hotline, 28 January 2002. Despite the brave speeches and impassioned interviews claiming yet one more time that the Sandinista Front emerged stronger than ever from the recent election, it is clear that the defeat in the elections of November 4 will have an impact.
Ortega Blasts Globalization, US Interference, Corruption
Nicaragua Network Hotline, 23 July 2002. A remarkably well-attended celebration of the twenty-third anniversary of the triumph of the Revolution. As always, the speech of FSLN leader Daniel Ortega was the eagerly-awaited climax of the event.
FSLN Shut Out of National Assembly Leadership
Nicaragua Network Hotline, 12 January 2004. The FSLN bench in the National Assembly walked out moments before a new directorate was elected that returned Aleman supporters to leadership roles and shut out the FSLN entirely.
Daniel Ortega Seeks New Parliamentary Leadership
Prensa Latina, 9 March 2004. FSLN leader Daniel Ortega has decided to force a vote to unseat the current National Assembly (Congress) executive board, controlled by supporters of convicted felon Arnoldo Aleman. He holds the PLC dominated Congressional executive responsible for the current crisis, brought on by an amnesty bill for their leader Aleman, sentenced to 20-years for corruption.