The intervention of the IMF under President Bolagos

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Neo-liberal economics continue to impact health and education
Nicaragua Network Hotline, 15 July 2002. The U.S.-dominated international financial institutions, operating under the ideologically rigid rules of neo-liberal economics, have imposed user fees on Nicaraguas health and education systems as a condition for development loans.
Agreement with IMF getting closer
Nicaragua Network Hotline, 4 November 2002. Parts of the long awaited (and dreaded) agreement with the International Monetary Fund are already being implemented. The agreement, however, still has to be approved by the Ministry of the Treasury and the Directors of the IMF.
IMF Loan Conditions for Nicaragua Require Privatization Measures That Would Enrich Corporations at the Expense of People
Public Citizen press release, 4 December 2002. Conditions May Violate Nicaraguan and U.S. Law. They could result in bulk water exports and higher consumer water prices. Despite widespread opposition, the IMF is to vote on new conditions that require Nicaragua to sell its major hydroelectric dams and the state hydroelectric company.