The history of capitalism in Nicaragua

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Citizens protest Spanish company's hike in electricity rates
Nicaragua Network Hotline, 3 December 2001. Union Fenosa, the Spanish company that recently took over electrical power distribution under the Aleman government's privatization drive, has announced a 15-30% hike in prices for electricity services.
Gas/Petroleum Exploitation Close But ‘Not Necessarily a Blessing’
Nicaragua Network Hotline, 3 February 2003. Four US companies made bids for petroleum exploration, but rarely are the benefits shared equably among the whole population; most of the profits are skimmed off by transnational companies with little commitment to the well-being of their source countries.
Medicines Set to Rise by 15%
Nicaragua Network Hotline, 23 August 2004. From the end of this month, most commonly prescribed medicines will suffer a steep rise in their price as national drug manufacturing and distribution companies claimed they had to make up for the constant and continuing devaluation of the Nicaraguan csrdoba against the US dollar.