The economic history of the Republic of Nicaragua

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Popular economy and national development
By Orlando Nunez, Barricada, 9 December 1996. The economic positions of each one of the main ideological currents in Nicaragua: liberalism, neoliberalism and sandinism. It has been suggested that the economic positions of the different political parties do not differ substantially, and all embrace the liberal philosophy. Here a critique of that view.
Nicaraguan Railway to Compete with Panama Canal
By Roberto Fonseca, IPS, 5 August 1998. Nicaragua's long-standing dream of building a dry canal connecting the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, to compete with the Panama Canal, seems about to come true.
Plea for Debt Relief Grows Louder
By Néfer Muñoz, IPS, 13 July 2000. Nicaragua is calling for the cancellation of its foreign debt, which tops 6.3 billion dollars, following announcements earlier this week that the IMF and the World Bank plan to forgive the debts of neighbouring Honduras.