The environmental history of Nicaragua

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Declaration from SOLCARSA Campaign Groups
From <>, 25 April 1998. The turning over of Nicaragua's natural wealth and large areas of the territory to multinational companies repeats a model that has again and again failed all over the world. Public officials' total control over whom receives concessions, and irregularities in the grants. Former employees of SOLCARSA should receive their severance pay due to the plant closing.
Multinational Sues Nicaraguan Environmentalists
Weekly News Update on the Americas, 13 September 1998. The PRADA lumber company files suit against the Humboldt Center, a Nicaraguan environmental organization, for damaging insults to a Nicaraguan company: the charge that PRADA was a Nicaraguan front company for Sol del Caribe (SOLCARSA), a subsidiary of the Korean firm Kumkyung Co.
MARENA Exhibits Confusion over Free Trade Zone Contamination
Nicaragua Network Hotline, 29 September 2003. In response to press reports that Free Trade Zone factories were seriously polluting waters which served local communities and drained into Lake Xolotlan (Lake Managua), high-level MARENA (Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources) officials were in open contradiction.