Coffee production in Nicaragua

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Fair Trade Coffee Day, Coffee Crisis
Nicaragua Network Hotline, 10 December 2001. As Nicaragua continued to face a humanitarian crisis due to the lowest coffee prices on the global market ever, activists in the U.S. set up tables in front of local coffee shops and grocery stores to educate consumers about the economic causes of the coffee crisis and the importance of fair trade consumerism.
Accord reached on coffee crisis
Nicaragua Network Hotline, 30 April 2002. The Nicaraguan government, banks and coffee growers reached an agreement intended to solve the coffee crisis resulting from the high coffee producer debts and the low price for coffee on the worlds commodities market.
Coffee Farmers Block Pan American Highway
Nicaragua Network Hotline, 1 July 2002. Police attacked some 300 coffee farmers who were protesting the government's lack of response to their demands. Coffee growers from the Farmers and Ranchers (UNAG) joining the protest. the government had failed to extend credit through private banks after restructuring US$120 million in debt.