The history of women and gender in Nicaragua

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Women call for fight against stone-age bill
By Barbarena S. Edgard, El Nuevo Diario, 7 March 1997. A dispute has erupted between Liberal Alliance deputies from Nicaragua's majority party and their political opponents after the governing body of the National Assembly set forth for discussion a ‘Family Ministry’ which opponents say would represent a major legal setback for women.
Sofia Montenegro interview
NACLA Report on the Americas, May/June 1997. Sofia Montenegro was one of the founders of the Sandinista daily paper Barricada after the triumph of the revolution of 1979. Interviewed concerning the women's movement, feminism, and progressivism.
US Nurse Visits New York to Discuss Her Persecution by the Nicaraguan Government
Weekly News Update on the Americas, 13 November 2001. Dorothy Granada, an internationally acclaimed health promoter and human rights activist who served for 12 years as director of a women's health clinic in Mulukuku, Nicaragua, is speaking at two events in the New York metropolitan area.
Ixchen Celebrates Thirteenth Anniversary
Nicaragua Network Hotline, 4 February 2002. Ixchen, Nicaragua's foremost women's support organization, celebrated its thirteenth anniversary. Founded in the last year of the revolution, 1989, Ixchen has attended to the needs of nearly 2.5 million women to date.