The history of students in Nicaragua

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Students Protest Education Cuts
By Matilde Zimmermann, The Militant, 5 February 1996. More than 10,000 university students marched here January 16 demanding increased government funding for education and prosecution of the cops who killed two student demonstrators last month.
Students Struggle international appeal
From Jordi Martorell, Labor-L, 9 July 1997. Communique to the international community, Nicaraguan National Union of Students (UNEN), 7 July 1997. After six months of the coming into power of Aleman and the Liberal Alliance, neoliberal policies have put those sections of the population most in need in a very difficult situation. The government is determined to erase all conquests and social advances won during the 80s and which are still available for the majority of the population.
Violent Student Protests Demand 6% of Budget for Universities
Nicaragua Network Hotline, 31 May 2004. After a week of deadly student protests, it was reported that the government and the National Council of Universities were near to an agreement on the demand that 6% of the Nicaraguan budget go to the national system of higher education as mandated by the constitution.