The social history of the Republic of Costa Rica

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Costa Rica and Population
By Jack Freeman, 7 January 1995. Factors influencing population, family planning, etc.
A ‘Disjointed’ Country, Says UNDP
By Nefer Munoz, IPS, 24 October 2000. Costa Rica recorded the greatest per capita economic growth in Latin America in 1999, but the problems it suffers make it a disjointed country. Gap between the positive economic indicators and the difficult reality of broad sectors of the population. The myths spread around the world about the country's democracy, education and economy.
Costa Rican Constitutional Court annulled international adoptions law
Casa Alianza, 8 June 2003. Casa Alianza fears that the legal vacuum left by the annulment decision of the Constitutional Court will permit people to profit from the commercial sale of babies for adoption.