The history of children and youth in Costa Rica

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Costa Rican Law Prohibits Child Labor
Centr-Am News, week of 14–20 June 1998. Costa Rica's Labor Ministry has determined that employers must register child workers, with the aim of eventually eliminating child labor, allowing children to attend school instead. The new law requires employers to register all workers younger than 15.
Child Prostitution a Growing Problem
By Nefer Munoz, IPS, 16 March 1999. The rise of tourism and growing rates of family violence have driven many children and adolescents in Costa Rica into the hands of juvenile prostitution networks. Costa Rica is in vogue as a tourist destination and arrivals last year numbered nearly one million, according to official figures.
UN ‘deeply concerned’ over high levels of child sexual tourism in Costa Rica
Casa Alianza press release, 17 April 1999. Currently the Casa Alianza is investigating a number of child sex tourism cases in Costa Rica, working closely with the Costa Rican Judicial Investigative Unit (OIJ) and the US FBI.
Communities Help Kids Go Back to School
By Néfer Muñoz, IPS, 19 July 1999. Community councils take up the fight against the exploitation of children in Costa Rica and encourage thousands of girls and boys to go back to the schools they abandoned for work.