The history of the Republic of Panama under President Moscoso (1999–2004)

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Let Mireya govern
Panama News, Editorial, 13 July 1999. Toro's last-minute power grab may delay his party's return the presidency. For the PRD legislators, mayors and representantes it's a matter of some importance to disassociate themselves from Toro. For the sake of their own careers, and more importantly for the cause of Panamanian democracy, they need to find a compromise that lets President Moscoso exercise the presidency's full powers.
Mireya Moscoso's apartheid administration
The Panama News, 9 August 1999. Ministers and deputy ministers are all whites, except for one cholo. No blacks, no indigenous, no Asians. Mireya has drawn almost her entire administration not only from Panama's white seven or eight percent white community, but from narrowly politically reliable white folks at that.
With a Canal, A Nation Recovers its Destiny
By David Carrasco, IPS, 30 December 1999. Augusto Castillo, secretary General of the Trade Union Convergence, workers will participate in the canal recovery celebration, seeing it as one of the most important stages in the history of national identity and self-determination, but labor won' renounce demands for economic and social justice or claims that the US must clean up the munitions ranges used for several years to test military equipment.
Mireya goes off the deep end
By Eric Jackson, Panama News, [25 March 2001]. President Moscoso, purportedly relying on the word of some campesino in Coclecito, says that she has begun an investigation of Zapatista infiltration of the area to the west of the canal that is to be flooded if the canal expansion plans go through.
Miami Cubans vs Panamanian Left
By Eric Jackson, 9 December 2002. Much circumstantial evidence exists that Posada and the others intended to set off more than 30 pounds of C-4 plastic explosive, with shrapnel, in a University of Panama auditorium where Fidel Castro spoke to some 1,500 people. The problems of Panama's legal system in a high-profile international case.
Mireya Moscoso Regarded the Worst Panamanian President
Prensa Latina, 30 August 2004. The people polled criticized Moscoso because she did not fight corruption head-on, during her term Panama's international relations got worse, and 77 percent of the people want Moscoso to be investigated for corruption.