Moscoso's release of terrorists issue

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Release for the four dangerous international terrorists?
By Jean-Guy Allard, Granma, 29 August 2003. a preliminary hearing will determine the fate of four exceedingly dangerous international terrorists, including none other than Luis Posada Carriles, an individual whose bloody history dates back to dirty CIA covert operations in the 1960s, and whom various experts have linked with the assassination of former U.S. president, John F. Kennedy.
Panamanian President Under Pressure To Free Terrorists
Agencia Cubana de Noticias (AIN), 25 August 2004. Panamanian attorney Julio Berrios: Reactionary sectors within and outside Panama are pressuring Panamanian President Mireya Moscoso to pardon Cuban-born terrorists headed by Luis Posada Carriles. Pressure from right wing Cuban-American organizations in Miami.
Luis Posada Carriles: A Confessed Terrorist
By Juan Diego Nusa Peqalver, AIN Special Report, 27 August 2004. Outgoing Panamanian President Mireya Moscoso pardoned Luis Posada Carriles, one of the cruelest terrorists of the Western Hemisphere. The internationally repudiated presidential pardon came in the early morning hours and also benefited three other Cuban-born criminals, Guillermo Novo Sampol, Pedro Remon and Gaspar Jimenez.
Panamanian President Denounced for Pardoning Terrorists
Agencia Cubana de Noticias (AIN), 27 August 2004. Panamanian labor leader Genaro Lopez said President Mireya Moscosos decision to pardon four Cuban born terrorists should be condemned by the Panamanian people.
Bad Piece of Fruit from Moscoso's Panamanian Banana Republic
Council on Hermispheric Affairs, press release, 16 September 2004. Former Panamanian president Mireya Moscosos eleventh-hour pardons to four incarcerated Cuban-Americans may have been good news for Miami's anti-Castro extremists, but they created a diplomatic disaster for her successor and dealt a heavy blow to the White Houses crusade against terrorism.