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From: "Steven A. Leibo, The Sage Colleges" <leibo@cnsvax.albany.edu>
Subject: H-ASIA: Survey 20th C. Asia text

Survey 20th C. Asia text

A dialog on H-Asia List
April 1998

Message-Id: <199804221126.HAA52040@h-net.msu.edu>
Date: Tue, 21 Apr 1998
From: Randy Kluver <rkluver@frodo.okcu.edu>
Subject: Survey 20th C. Asia text

I am going to teach a survey course on 20th Century Asia for freshmen and sophomores, and am looking for good introductory texts. The problems that I have are that most general survey books devote most of their space to pre-20th Century. The Pacific Century by Borthwick, et al is a good text, but I have noted that the length discourages reading by this level of student. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Randy Kluver
Asian Studies Program
Oklahoma City University

Date: Wed, 22 Apr 1998
From: Ed Haynes <haynese@winthrop.edu>

Despite years of looking, I have found no decent 20th century Asia text (I've not even found a decent "modern" Asia text!). This has put a number of my courses on interminable hold. Almost everything only covers East Asia and/or the Pacific Rim. Is this why faculty -- who ought to be doing better things with their scant research time -- wind up writing textbooks?!


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