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Cultural history of Asia as a whole

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   History in general of Asia

History of culture in general in Asia as a whole

Asian Values
Dialog from H-Asia list, April-May 1998. Includes a discussion of the validity of the question's essentialism.
History of sandals in Asia
A dialog from the H-Asia list, June 1998. The rise of mass-produced footwear in Asia after the Second World War, especially plastic sandals.
Mail Brides in Cyberspace
By Kalinga Seneviratne, IPS, 17 November 1998. Internet as catalyst for growth of mail order Asian brides and the play, Mail Order, by Pek Siok Lian, based on it.
Lunar New Year
A dialog on H-Asia list, February-March 1999. A discussion of what countries observe the Lunar New Year cycle in the past or present.
West does not treat Asia as an equal yet
By Mary Kwang, The Straits Times Interactive, 29 June 1999. The Western reaction to Asians defining Asian values.

History of education in Asia as a whole

Asiaweek's second annual survey of the region's best schools focuses on research - and the ravages of the economic crisis
By Cesar Bacani, Asiaweek, 12 May 1998.

History of religion in Asia as a whole

Query on sources for an expansive notion of sangha
A dialog from the H-Asia list, May 1998.
Religious Intolerance
A dialog on the H-Asia list, August 1998. Where in recent history in Asia/Pacific or Africa have Bible wielding fundamentalists assaulted the long established or indigenous religions of their own countries? What influence have foreign missionaries had in these activities?