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The working-class history of Asia as a whole

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   History of Asia in general
   The history of Nike's impact on labor in Asia as a whole
Asia Pacific Women's Meeting Declares: Recognize the Work, Dignity and Human Rights of Women in Prostitution
Asia Pacific Women's Consultation on Prostitution press release, 24 February, 1997.
Report On Labor Asia Conf In Berkeley
By Anne O'Neill, in Daily Cal Newspaper, 7 February 1998. Example of international solidarity as Local labor unions host Asian labor leaders urging American workers to support their struggle for a democratic role in the remaking of their local economies and social, political and business structures.
Asian unions call for regional social action plan
From ICFTU Online..., 24 April 1998. The International Labour Organisation Tripartite Meeting on Social Responses to the Financial Crisis in East and South East Asian Countries, took place in Bangkok this month.
Workers vent anger at economic collapse
From The Irish Times World, Saturday, May 2, 1998. Violence and mass protests replaced traditional Labour Day celebrations yesterday as Asia's workers took to the streets to vent their anger over rising unemployment and food prices.
Crisis and repression in Asia(4)
From ICFTU Online..., 14 June 1998. On the 50th anniversary of the international recognition of trade union rights, repression of trade union activists shows no sign of abating. The countries of Asia reacted differently to the unprecedented crisis that swept across the region in 1997.
Migrants at the mercy of human traffickers. Global economic woes compound situation
By Anjira Assavanonda, 7 November 1998. The current economic crisis coupled with the suppression of illegal workers have aggravated the vulnerable situation of migrants, particularly women, caught in the human trafficking racket in the Asia-Pacific region.
Flexible Dimensions of a Permanent Crisis: TNCs, Flexibility, and Workers in Asia
By Gerard Greenfield, 23 December 1998. The impermanence or transitory character of jobs, and the way in which they could be cast off so easily are all issues relating to what happened well before Asia's economic crisis and what workers will face for a long time to come.
Labouring under the Crisis
By Boonthan Sakanond, IPS, 31 January 1999. The job losses and social havoc caused by Asia's economic crisis is prompting international bodies and trade union groups to call for a radical rethink of labor policies throughout the region.
Asian Meet Undecided on Legalising Sex Workers
By Laxmi Murthy, IPS, 10 June 1999. Whether prostitution is work or social evil divides Asian nations.