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History of Nike's impact on labor in Asia as a whole

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   Labor history of Asia in general
There are further documents related to Nike's abuse of labor found under the labor history of individual countries.
Excerpts from Nike Shareholder Transcript and Vietnamese Newspapers
From Thuyen, Campagin Against Labor Exploitation in Vietnam, 24 November 1996. Evidence of the abuse of women workers shows we cannot rely on the ethics and integrity of Nike spin control doctors (English and Vietnamese).
Nike: The Young Report: "A public relations exercise"
From ICFTU Online..., 30 June 1997. The sentencing of a supervisor at a Nike factory in Vietnam to six months in prison calls into question a report published by a firm of consultants on behalf of the Nike sports shoe giant which claims its workers are "well treated."
Australian Researcher Debunks Young Report
By Anita Chan, 4 July 1997. An expert on the export shoe factories in China replies to UN Ambassador Andrew Young's Nike-financed GoodWorks International report on Nike's operations in Asia, as it relates to China.

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