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Date: Mon, 29 Nov 1999 21:43:25 -0600 (CST)
From: Arm The Spirit <ats@locust.etext.org>
Subject: Statement From Abdullah Ocalan On His Abduction From Kenya
Article: 83186
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Statement by Abdullah Ocalan (PKK) on his abduction from Kenya

November 26, 1999

To the press and public opinion,

The phase during which I departed from Syria was a phase when NATO stepped into action. During this time, I was under observation by a special unit of NATO. All the people I met during my travels from Syria to Greece, both military and civilian, were working for NATO.

Russia was also involved in this conspiracy, because they want to get credits from the IMF. Germany failed to fulfill its humanitarian responsibilities, and Italy did not stand by its democratic tradition because it did not handle my situation with sufficient courage. Even the group in Italy which I was in contact with had ties to NATO. A unit of Gladio, out of the control of the government, played an important role during that time in Rome. For this reason, the Italian government had no self-consciousness and no determining force. In the end, when I went to Greece, military circles from NATO and the USA were surrounding me. In this sense, it was the core of NATO who were concerning themselves with me in Europe. The Greek ambassador Kostulas, who greeted me when I arrived in Kenya, said to me: For 20 years, I was at the head of the unit in NATO which did constant research on you. While I was looking for you in the skies, I found you on the earth. [this in an old Turkish saying -ed.]

Turkey was kept informed during this phase. There was a continual exchange of information. Was it in Greece's interest that I be handed over? Or was it rather in Israel's interest? As far as relations with Turkey are concerned, Greek intelligence chief Baby, Kalenderis, and Kostulas are all part of NATO while very anti-Turkey at the same time. So whose interests were they serving when these three people became part of the conspiracy against me? Their own interests, American interests, or Israeli interests? This question has not yet been answered. This team later wanted to sell me to Turkey. So it was the Gladio arm of NATO, in fact, which imprisoned me.

In the plane on the way to Turkey, when the blindfold was taken off my eyes, I said that I would live for peace. The first words of the authorities who received me in Turkey were: This is a game. We will let this game run its course. You want to turn brothers against each other. To which I replied: If we are brothers, then we can help each other and let this game run its course. In fact, I had recognzied this plan and believed it was a phase that had to be gone through. Because the Greek ambassador had been playing a game. I took the statements by the authorities who received me seriously. My statements during the interrogations and the trial were aimed against this plan.

The initiative for this conspiracy lay with the USA. The American individual responsible for it was Sandy Berger, the chairman of the National Security Council. I don't believe that U.S. President Bill Clinton was directly involved in the plot against me. Sandy Berger was responsible for the conspiracy and he directed the operation. The question of whether or not Clinto was actively involved cannot be answered. Israel took part in this plot in order to tie itself to Syria. As for my situation in Kenya, I believe that Israel played some role. The individual responsible in Israel was intelligence chief David Irvin. David Irvin worked on this conspiracy against me together with Sandy Berger. Turkey did not play a significant role. Mesut Yilmaz stated: We did not know that Ocalan was being delivered. Turkey's Foreign Ministry said: His being brought to Turkey is negative for us. And Kenan Evren said: This man will be a plague for us.

My conduct was aimed at letting this game run its course, and have I worked towards that aim up until today. I believe that the forces which carried out this conspiracy are still in control. I hope that [President] Demirel, [Prime Minister] Ecevit, and Yilmaz [head of the ANAP party] will take a position which allows them to recognize this conspiracy and to act in a responsible manner. In this sense, I view the conduct of the General Chief of Staff as positive. I think he knows what has been going on. My conduct is not aimed at saving myself, rather to destroy this big game. I condemn those who participated in this plot. This conspiracy was carried out by a small, core group. There were previous events which had led up to this. This most recent plot was the continuation of the murder of the then-prime minister of Sweden, Olof Palme.

My conduct with respect to the Democratic Republic is very strategic. It is a project in the interest of all the peoples of Turkey and the region. The steps taken by our side have kept the phase of peace intact, but still I do have some reservations. The recent assasinations [the murder of Kislali and the mysterious death of Incetahtaci] raise doubts in my mind. Kislali was a proponent of democratic consensus within the Kemalist ranks and in favor of a democratic solution. He was a man of value.

I do not accuse Europe and the USA entirely. Even Israel's role must be made more clear: The plot took place during the rule of Netanyahu. Now Barak is in power. Barak seems to be someone who wants peace, and he is trying to advance the peace process in the Middle East. There are also democrats in Greece, and we have friends among the Greek people. But the role of the Greek government in this conspiracy is clear. As for Italy, it can be said that a unit of Gladio, outside the control of the Italian government, played a significant role in this conspiracy.

It is also clear that those who handed me over to Turkey were fulfilling certain strategic goals. They did not do this because they love Turkey very much. I think that the true patriots in Turkey will recognize this reality. The true extent of this game must be recognized. I stress that all of these circumstances must be made clear and explained.

The upholding of the death penalty against me by the appeals court in the present phase does not interest me very much. I have outlined the concrete measures needed for a solution for this country, which is marked by its aimlessness and lack of policies. In this sense, I have fulfilled my historical responsibility. This knowledge has put my mind at ease. I will continue to play my role, even if it be from beyond the grave. I am convinced that I have done my part for peace, which this region needs just as urgently as air, water, and earth. I want everyone to know that our struggle was waged for this goal.

On this basis, I emphasize once again that I will continue the great march for peace which I began and, if I should survive, my life will be on the basis of the Democratic Republic and I will accept no other life. I call on everyone to work for an honorable peace in Anatolia and Mesopotamia and I send my greetings to everyone.