The attack on Abdullah Ocalan (PKK)

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The Ocalan issue and the related attitude of minority Turks
Greek Helsinki Monitory &l; Minority Rights Group - Greece, Press Release 26 November 1998. The cooperating NGOs, Greek-Helsinki Monitor and Minority Rights Group-Greece express their opposition to the extradition of the leader of the Kurdish PKK Abdoulah Ocalan to Turkey, as well as to the related public call of Turkish minority journalists and MPs, but also to some reactions of the Greek press towards this call.
Ocalan, the Kurds of Turkey and the Turks of Greece
By Nafsika Papanikolatos, Greek Helsinki Monitor and Minority Rights Group - Greece 27 December 1998, AIM Athens. The recent debates provoked by the presence of the leader of the Kurdish PKK Abdullah Ocalan in Italy revealed once again the international community's weakness to agree upon the interpretation of the principles of liberty, equality and solidarity.
Kurdistan Workers Party statement
Excerpts from a message from the leadership of the Kurdistan Workers Party, 19 February 1999, in Workers World 4 March 1999. The leader of our party, Mr. Abdullah Ocalan, has been subjected to an international conspiracy, starting in October 1998 and culminating in the multi-government piracy that hijacked him to Turkey. Primarily responsible for the shameless act are several European governments and the U.S.
Ocalan: Terrorist or Freedom-fighter?
By R. Karadaghi, The Kurdistan Observer 23 June 1999. Few events in Kurdish history have brought the plight of the Kurdish people into focus as has the kidnapping of the Kurdish nationalist leader Abdullah Ocalan. It proved that the civilized world pays only lip service to the ideals of morality, justice, fairness, and human rights.
Turkey Sentences Kurdish Rebel to Die
By Amberin Zaman, Washington Post, 30 June 1999. A Turkish court today convicted Kurdish rebel leader Abdullah Ocalan of treason and sentenced him to death by hanging for leading a violent 14-year campaign for Kurdish self-rule in southeastern Turkey. Ocalan was captured and arrest by Turkish special forces in Kenya in February 1999.
Statement by Abdullah Ocalan (PKK) on his abduction from Kenya
November 26, 1999. His departure from Syria was a phase when NATO put him under observation and his sole contacts as he went from Syria to Greece, both military and civilian, were working for NATO. Russia was also involved in the conspiracy, because they want to get credits from the IMF. Germany failed to fulfill its humanitarian responsibilities, and Italy did not stand by its democratic tradition.