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Date: Thu, 25 Feb 1999 16:04:42 -0600 (CST)
From: Workers World <ww@wwpublish.com>
Organization: WW Publishers
Subject: Kurdistan Workers Party Statement
Article: 56026
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Kurdistan Workers Party statement

Excerpts from a message from the leadership of the Kurdistan Workers Party, 19 February 1999, in Workers World 4 March 1999

It is common knowledge that the leader of our party, Mr. Abdullah Ocalan, has been subjected to an international conspiracy, starting in October 1998 and culminating in the multi-government piracy that hijacked him to Turkey.

Many governments, to varying degrees, share the responsibility in this shameful act. Leaders among them are several European governments and the American government.

These are the forces who are behind the developments; they are also the forces who can rectify the injustice just committed. _

Our party and our people are absolutely determined to reject any attempts toward a solution that does not clearly and directly involve our legitimate leader. We want to make our message very clear: Any effort to create a PKK without Mr. Ocalan, or a resolution to the Kurdish issue without the PKK, will prove to be utterly futile. _

Today, our entire nation is engaged in an act of protest and defiance, primarily in our motherland Kurdistan, but also throughout Turkey and Europe. This noble action is essential for the preservation of national culture, honor and unity, and has been directly authorized by our leader Mr. Ocalan. _

To the noble and heroic people of Kurdistan:

The phase we are passing through is not a phase of hopelessness, but a phase of hope. Our leader Mr. Ocalan has said years ago, My dead body will be more valuable than alive,and he has prepared our people and our party by educating us on this basis. _

We are confident that the future developments will favor our people. Our unfailing determination to keep on fighting until ultimate success is, and will be, our primary weapon.

Today, there is a single goal that governs our struggle, actions and lives: International security and international trial of our national leader Mr. Ocalan.

Long live our national honor, leader Apo. Long live our party the PKK. Long live the brave Kurdish nation and its brave sons and daughters who reached martyrdom on its behalf.