The contemporary political history
of Kurdistan

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The Revolution In Kurdistan
5th Congress, Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), 24 January 1995: PKK Party Program, Chapter Three: The Characteristics Of The Revolution In Kurdistan. The revolution in Kurdistan, which is led by our party, is a national and a democratic revolution.
An American Dilemma
Sixty Minutes, 14 January 1996. Problem of a U.S. ally, Turkey, being engaged in genocidal policy against Kurds. Saddam Hussein did the same. U.S. supports genocide of Turkish Kurds. Interviewed is Onur Oyman, Turkish Deputy Foreign Minister, and Abdullah Ocalan, leader of the PKK guerrilla army.
The Revolution in Kurdistan is a Necessity
A Report on the 4th National Conference of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), 1-15 May, 1996.
Preparations For A Kurdistan National Congress: Interview With Yasar Kaya, Member Of The Kurdistan Parliament In Exile
From Arm the Spirit, 22 May 1997.
Amy Goodman Interview With Kani Xulam, Director Of The American Kurdish Information Network (AKIN)
Pacifica Radio, Democracy Now, 6 October 1997. Regarding the massive two-week military assault by Turkey on Kurdish rebel forces in northern Iraq. Repression in Turkey, particularly that of Leyla Zana, the only Kurdish woman elected to the Turkish Parliament.
Letter submitted to the members of the European Union at a meeting in Luxembourg
By the Chair of the International Affairs Committee of the Kurdistan Parliament in Exile [17 December 1997]. The latest developments in Turkey, in relation to the Kurdish issue. The Turkish state's aggressive and chauvinist policies on the Kurdish issue continue. The conflict in the southeast of Turkey has now spread into northern Iraq (south Kurdistan) as a result of Turkey's incursion into northern Iraq on May 14, 1997.
Party Program Of The Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK)
[3 January 1998]. The party was formed in the 1970s as a revolutionary socialist national liberation movement. From 1970-1978, the party existed as an ideological group. At the Founding Congress of November 26 and 27, 1978, the party was formally established.