The history of Kurdish struggles
in North (Turkish) Kurdistan

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Turkey's Killing Machine: The Contra-Guerrilla Force
By Serdar Celik, in Kurdistan Report, February/March 1994.
PKK Statement To The United Nations
Geneva, 24 January 1995. Statement by the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) regarding the condition of Kurdish peoples in Turkey.
ERNK Statement Concerning Amnesty International
From Arm the Spirit, 8 February 1995. Comment by the National Liberation Front of Kurdistan (ERNK) on Amnesty International's report concerning human rights abuses in Turkey and Kurdistan.
Solidarity Meeting for Kurdish Struggle
By Ali Azad, in Workers World, 24 March 1995. Re. March 13 uprising in Turkey, and supportive demonstrations in Germany, solidarity meeting in New York.
Statement From PKK General Secretary Abdullah Ocalan Concerning the Turkish Invasion of South Kurdistan
From the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), 24 March 1995.
PKK Leader Offers New Cease-Fire In Letter To President Clinton
Press release of 27 October 1995.
Statement of The National Platform of North Kurdistan, issued on January 10, 1999
Urgent Demands For A Peaceful Solution To The Kurdish Problem. The only possible solution to this problem will be a peaceful solution based on democratic principles. Statement signed by the Kurdistan Communist Party (KKP), Kurdistan Islamist Party (PIK), Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), Kurdistan Liberation Party (PRK), Kurdistan Socialist Party (PSK).