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From: Aad Blok <abl@iisg.nl>
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Subject: Labnet: TOC: ILWCH: Whiteness and the Historians' Imagination/Ottoman Labor History
Date: Tue, 17 Apr 2001 09:00:32 +0200
Sender: Maiser@pop.iisg.nl
Organization: IISG Amsterdam

Labor history in the Ottoman Middle East, 1700-1922

From the International Labor and Working-Class History,
#60, Fall 2001

Donald Quataert, Labor History and the Ottoman Empire, c. 1700-1922

John Chalcraft, The Coal Heavers of Port Sa'id: State-Making and Worker Protest, 1869-1914,

Cengiz Kirli, A Profile of the Labor Force in Early Nineteenth- Century Istanbul

Fariba Zarinebaf-Shahr, The Role of Women in the Urban Economy of Istanbul, 1700-1850

Including an ILWCH Archives' memoir, Ethen Cavus, A Coal Miner's Life during the Late Ottoman Empire