Resources for the study of
West Asia as a whole

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Map of West Asia
CIA map of 2001.
The Middle East-North Africa Internet Resource Guide, Part 1
By Joseph W. Roberts, University of Utah, 12 May 1995. Although dated, this classic on-line resource might still be of some interest and use.
Al-Sabar Arabic bi-weekly announces its Internet Site
From: asafadiv, 14 December 1997. Al-Sabar is an Arabic bi-weekly committed to Palestinian rights and a just peace in the Middle East. Produced in Jaffa, the paper focuses on issues that concern the Palestinians of 1948 (those inside Israel). Al-Sabar reports from the spot.
Labor history in the Ottoman Middle East, 1700-1922
From the International Labor and Working-Class History, Fall 2001. A brief list of works in English.
The Middle East Crisis: Resources
From Richard Gibson, 16 April 2002. Cites four works in English which are quick readable resources on the crisis in the Middle East.