The retrospective history of Kurdistan

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The History Of Kurdistan
The PKK Party Program (1998) includes a section, Chapter Two: Kurdish Society, which is a brief history of Kurdistan from the Median Empire of ancient times to the present.
Çayan, Mahir (1945-1972): Founder of the People Liberation Party-Front of Turkey (THKP-C)
Encyclopedia of Marxism: Glossary of People. A brief biography.
The Balance Of The War In Kurdistan: More Than 35,000 Dead Since 1984
KURD-A Special Report, 15 January 1995. Since 1984, the beginning of the armed struggle of the PKK, the war-like confrontation between the Turkish government and the army on the one side and the ARGK, the Kurdish guerrilla army of the PKK, on the other has reached an unprecedented level of intensity.
The Kurdish Struggle For National Self-Determination
By Jack Barnes, the Militant, 8 March 1999. Selection from The Opening Guns of World War III: Washington's Assault on Iraq, New International (1991). The consequences of the Gulf war pose the issue of Kurdish national self-determination more sharply than at any time since the close of World War II.