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Subject: IRAN = NAZI GERMANY—MER Lie of the Week

Iran = Nazi Germany: Israel & U.S. pursue new world domination in the Middle East

By Mark Bruzonsky, Mid-East Realities,
3 May 1996

There have been so many lies this week with Shimon Peres, and then Yasser Arafat, in Washington! Breathtaking! But the most dangerous one of all is the one designed to prepare Western public opinion for what is likely to be the next Israeli attack in the Middle East. For next in line after Libya, Iraq, Hamas, Hizballah, and Lebanon, is Iran.

Shortly after coming to office and taking the unprecedented step of appointing the head of the Israeli-sponsored think-tank to the National Security Council—incidentally with the public support of Jim Zogby speaking on behalf of Arab-Americans!—the Clinton Administration announced the dual-containment policy.

Dual-containment—enunciated by the new N.S.C. man, Martin Indyk, who was instrumental in thrusting this Israeli and Saudi-inspired policy on the U.S.—has been the Clinton's Administration main strategic policy in building on George Bush's legacy of a new world order.

More accurately described as a new world domination, dual containment has so far not been completely successful and both the Israelis and (far more quietly) the Saudis are nervous.

Just as there was a build-up of public denunciations and dire warnings that created the public-relations context for the destruction and isolation of Iraq, something similar is underway at the moment in regard to Iran.

The Iraqis were building a super gun to attack Israel. The Iraqis were acting like gangsters when they hanged a British journalist (who probably was a spy). The Iraqis were preparing nuclear and biologically-armed missiles to rain on Israel. All of these propaganda barrages were unleashed against Iraq in the Western media even before Iraq was manipulated into occupying Kuwait. Once that happened—whether inspired by clever ploys of the Mossad and CIA or by Iraqi design—the die was cast and all attempts to solve the crisis peacefully were purposefully scuttled by the Americans.

Something similar is now underway in regard to Iran, the other leg of the dual-containment policy that has been foisted on the U.S. primarily by the Israelis.

Tel Aviv—now working in close alliance with the Saudis (indeed, Saudi Ambassador Prince Bandar is a very close friend and confidant of Martin Indyk who is now U.S. Ambassador in Israel)—desperately wants to bring Iran to heal as has been done with Iraq.

That is the reason Shimon Peres has publicly likened Iran to Nazi Germany and repeatedly denounced Iran's quest for nuclear weapons—a race the Iranians feel they have been forced to escalate precisely because of the dual-containment policy itself, the increasing Israeli threats, and Israel's own arsenal of hundreds of sophisticated nuclear weapons and American-supplied delivery systems.

Going even beyond Peres' public denunciations of Iran, the LONDON TIMES reported in the days just before Peres traveled to Washington that an Israeli official had threatened that if Hamas or Hizbullah retaliate against Israel for Kana or anything else Israel's next target might well be nuclear facilities in Iran. This should not simply be taken as pre-election rhetoric; though indeed the Peres government is deeply concerned that something will happen before the May 29th election.

Stay tuned. The domination process the Americans and Israelis are so fond of calling the peace process is sure to be filled with more destruction and bloodshed.