The role of the United States
in Israeli Aggression in West Asia

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Rabin and Arafat at the White House
By Mark A. Bruzonsky, Mid-East Realities, 13 September 1993. Skepticism about the post-Camp David and post-Gulf War 'peace process.' The terms of the agreement at the White House this time were in fact essentially a Palestinian surrender, regardless of all the hoopla.
Two Quaker peace organizations urge President Clinton to bring Jerusalem into current Middle East discussion
News Release by American Friends Service Committee, 23 February 1995. Five broad principles of fairness and equity that should guide a settlement on Jerusalem.
'Antiterror' Summit Props Zionism
By Candace Wagner and Maurice Williams, in the The Militant, 1 April 1996. Clinton's Sharm el Sheik summit of March 13, following suicide bombing, aiming to beef up US-Israel military and security agreements.
Iran = Nazi Germany: Israel & U.S. pursue new world domination in the Middle East
By Mark Bruzonsky, Mid-East Realities, 3 May 1996. Shortly after appointing the head of the Israeli-sponsored think-tank to the National Security Council, Clinton announced dual-containment: next in line after Libya, Iraq, Hamas, Hizballah, and Lebanon, is Iran. More accurately described as a new world domination, dual containment has so far not been completely successful and both the Israelis and the Saudis are nervous.
Washington's New Initiative That Isn't
By Phyllis Bennis, in Salam Review, September 1997. U.S. envoy Dennis Ross' recent trip reflects a newly-overt endorsement of the April 1997 call by Netanyahu to abandon the Oslo Accords' interim negotiations and move instead directly to the final status talks.
Madeleine's tour for Israel; Verbal genuflection from the Saudis
Editorial, Mid-East Review, 16 September 1997. Wherever she went Madeleine Albright acted more like the Foreign Minister of Israel than the Secretary of State of the U.S. Amidst her vilifications about terrorism were only a few toothless words about a time-out for Israeli settlements, although it is American money these past 30 years that has paid for them!
Falwell, Baptists pledge to resist Israeli settlement pullout: Netanyahu meets with Christian religious leaders during D.C. visit
American Atheists, 23 January 1998. In the midst of peace negotiations involving an Israeli troop withdrawal from certain areas of the west bank, American fundamentalists—led by Jerry Falwell and key members of the Southern Baptist Convention—have vowed to prevent any plan for restricting or dismantling the controversial Jewish housing settlements—a flash point of contention.
U.S. not neutral in Palestinian-Israeli conflict
By Richard Becker, Workers World, 12 February 1998.the U.S. government provides billions of dollars a year in critical military and economic aid to Israel. Washington has provided Israel with the most deadly high-tech weapons, including nuclear bombs. The U.S. stance has been to shift the entire negotiation process even further toward the Israeli position. The United States and Israel are working together to undermine the emergence of a Palestinian state.
Zionism, U.S. Imperialism and the Major Jewish Organizations
By Dave Silver, 9 October 2000. A full page ad in the N.Y. Times by the Congress of Major Jewish Organizations urges Jews to express their solidarity with Israel. Not one word from these American Jews concerning the neo-fascist and former Defense Minister Ariel Sharon for his provocative act of visiting a Muslim holy shrine—the spark that lit up years of anger, frustration, and oppression over Israeli checkpoints and clerical fascist settlers.
Mandela: U.S. not impartial peacemaker in Mideast
Reuters, 1 June 2001. Former South African President Nelson Mandela said the United States was not an impartial peacemaker in the Middle East and a multi-national initiative was needed to end the violence. Everybody knows the United States is a friend of Israel.