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From dmsilver@escape.com Tue Oct 10 15:43:59 2000
Date: Mon, 9 Oct 2000 22:39:02 -0500 (CDT)
From: Dave Silver <dmsilver@escape.com>
Subject: Israel: Zionism, Imperialism and American Jews
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Zionism, U.S. Imperialism and the Major Jewish Organizations

By Dave Silver, 9 October 2000

A full page ad in the N.Y. Times by the Congress of Major Jewish Organizations (led by the American Jewish Committee, World Jewish Congress, Anti Defamation League) urges Jews to express their solidarity with Israel. The next day, Yom Kippur, the philanthropic wing of the Israeli Lobby (United Jewish Appeal, Federation of Jewish Philanthropies and others) calls for a demonstration at the U.N. not only blaming the Palestinian Authority for the carnage in the Occupied Territories, but asks the Clinton administration to intervene immediately with a firm hand in order to advance the process of peace. The Jewish Defense Organization openly calls for the removal of all Palestinians and Arabs from Greater Israel

In effect they ask Israelís billion dollar a year benefactor to use whatever means necessary to protect Israelís national security interests. (even if this means the murder of more Palestinian victims and the use of further measures to control Arabs in and outside of the Green Line.) Not one word from these American Jews concerning the neo-fascist and former Defense Minister Ariel Sharon for his provocative act of visiting a Muslim holy shrine. This was the spark that lit up years of anger, frustration, and oppression over Israeli checkpoints and clerical fascist settlers to mention just two Israeli policies. In fact the policy of Settlements and the demolition of Palestinian houses started under former Labor prime minister Yitzchak Rabin. The brutal hardship and poverty of Arabs were encouraged by both the Labor and Likud Parties with an assist from the Palestinian Authority. This is the legacy of the so called Oslo Peace Accords, Camp David meetings and White House photo-ops.

The systemic racism toward the Arab masses as well as Jews of color (compare to the special treatment for Russian Jews) continues unabated. Hitler called the Jews untermenschen or sub-human and Sharon calls Palestinians cockroaches. The American Jewish leaders ignore the U.N. Security Councilís unanimous condemnation of Israel for its inappropriate response (the murder of 80 people including children by the Israeli Army). Even here the deaths of Israeli born Arabs are omitted. They are non-persons.

The oppression will continue as long as Washington uses Israel as its proxy puppet state in the Middle East just as Apartheid South Africa was used in Africa. Only a strong and truly independent Palestinian State and ending financial and military support for the regime that claims Jerusalem as its capital can insure a meaningful peace.