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Racist Israeli leaders incite against non-Jewish citizens

Grassroots International News Association (GINA), 26 August 2002

Al-Khalil, Aug 26, IRNA -- Voicing manifestly racist views on the Zionist state's non-Jewish citizens, a number of Israeli officials on Monday called for withholding more legal and civil rights from liberties from Israel's sizable Arab minority on the ground of possible disloyalty to the apartheid Jewish state.

Zionist President Moshe Katsav, notorious for his fascist views toward non-Jews in general and Palestinians in particular, called on the government to examine the possibility of outlawing political movements and parties not loyal to the state.

The Israeli state-run radio quoted Katsav as saying that there is no place in Israel for those who oppose the Jewish nature of the state.

Katsav, an ardent advocate of legal and political apartheid, suggested that non-Jews in Israel, e.g. Palestinians, should come to terms with the fact that they are second-class citizens on the account that they are not adherents of the Jewish faith.

Earlier this year, Katsav launched a venomous tirade on the Palestinians, who have been languishing under a harsh Israeli military occupation for the last 35 years, saying years separate us and them.

Other Israeli officials made similar racist remarks against Palestinians.

Deputy Interior Minister Gideon Ezra, a Nazi-like figure advocating a heavy-handed approach toward the Palestinians, demanded that the government order the judiciary to terminate a commission of inquiry into the killing of 13 Israeli Arab citizens by the police in October 2000.

Ezra argued that the investigation and the possible indictment and prosecution of police officers would ultimately undermine police effectiveness in dealing with terror.

The same demand was also made by Michael Kleiner, a fascist member of the Israeli parliament.

Kleiner tabled a motion to the Knesset calling for dissolving the commission, which has been looking into the killing of the 13 Arabs.

A few months ago, Kleiner proposed enacting a special law that would encourage Muslims and Christians to immigrate to the Arab world in order to guarantee the racial purity of Israel.

Israel, which claims to be the only democracy in the Middle East, defines itself as a Jewish state whereby non-Jewish citizens don't enjoy equal rights despite the fact that they have the Israeli citizenship.