The history of Israeli Zionism,
Apartheid and rascism

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The Hebron Agreement: Entrenching apartheid
From Hebron Solidarity Committee, 31 October 1996. Argues that Hebron should not be partitioned, settled, or occupied, and it should be returned to the Palestinian residents.
Stop the Quiet Deportation in East Jerusalem
From Yuval Ginbar, Campaign Coordinator for B'Tselem and Hamoked, 26 March 1997. Seeks assistance in a public campaign against the quiet deportation of Palestinians from East Jerusalem. Israeli residency policies have caused the displacement of thousands of Palestinian families and threaten thousand more. Revocation of residency rights.
Anatomy of Racism
By Hannan Ashrawi, Jerusalem, 18 October 2000. Blaming the victim to rationalize and distorte the horror of a crime presumes the total dehumanization of the victims and the elimination of their most basic rights and attributes as well as claims to protection. Both the extreme right and extreme left in Israel (as well as the US) have adopted this condescending, patronizing approach to peace, where Barak has gone the farthest.
Al-Aqsa Intifada
By Noam Chomsky, Mid-East Realies, 28 October 2000. Barak's plan embedded in the US-Israel Camp David negotiations that collapsed in July, extended earlier US-Israeli rejectionist proposals and called for cantonization of the Palestianian territories, with usable land and resources (primarily water) largely in Israeli hands while administration put into the hands of a corrupt and brutal Palestinian authority, playing the role of indigenous collaborators under imperial rule such as the Black leadership of South Africa's Bantustans.
For Jews Only: Racism Inside Israel: An Interview with Phyllis Bennis
By Max Elbaum, special to ColorLines, 15 December 2000. The real issue is the Israeli military occupation of Palestine—not only inherently violent but also a violation of international law and contrary to United Nations resolutions. The new intifada has refocused attention on the nature and extent of Israeli racism. Zionism centered on the creation of a specifically Jewish state in which Jews would be protected and privileged over non-Jews.
The al Aqsa Intifada and international law
By Francis A. Boyle, 17 December 2000. The closest historical analogue to what was offered in the peace negotiations of 1992 is a bantustan akin to the bantustans that the apartheid Afrikaaner regime established for the Black People in the Republic of South Africa. This Bantustan Proposal was held secret until it became the Oslo Agreement that was signed on the White House steps on September 13, 1993.
In the name of security: Israel sets up Apartheid zones
By Sara Flounders, Occupied Palestine, Workers World, 6 June 2002. Report from a delegate from International ANSWER, which visited Gaza, Bethlehem, East J erusalem, Ramallah and Jenin in occupied Palestine. It focuses on the lockdown of Palestinian communities. Palestinaian rage and frustration; Apartheid roads, walled ghettos.
ILO calls for lifting Israeli border closures
By Fred Gaboury, People's Weekly World, 8 June 2002. Director general of the ILO calls the situation in the Occupied Territories of the Palestinian West Bank and Gaza Strip a socio-economic meltdown resulting from the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and the deep humanitarian crisis that Palestinian families are living through. The border closures.
Racist Israeli leaders incite against non-Jewish citizens
Grassroots International News Association (GINA), 26 August 2002. Voicing manifestly racist views on the Zionist state's non-Jewish citizens, a number of Israeli officials called for withholding more legal and civil rights from liberties from Israel's sizable Arab minority on the ground of possible disloyalty to the apartheid Jewish state.