Netanyahu's actions imperil peace

By Hans Lebrecht, in People's Weekly World, 7 December, 1996

TEL AVIV - "The deliberate delay in implementing the accord signed with the Palestinian leadership over the long-overdue withdrawal from Hebron and other areas under Israeli occupation - as well as the new wave of intensified colonialist settling in the West Bank, eastern Jerusalem and the Golan Heights - is jeopardizing people's fate, as well as the very existence of the peace process."

So states a resolution adopted by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Israel (CPI). The resolution sharply condemns the escalated settlement activity, designed and put into action by the Netanyahu government, the extended land robbery of Palestinian soil, the continued closure and blockade, with the help of which Netanyahu attempts to force the Palestinian people into submission under an Israeli- dictated "peace."

The CP emphasized that peace and security for the people of this region can be achieved only by fully implementing the interim accords signed with the Palestinians, by continuing the path towards elimination of Israeli occupation and the establishment of an independent Palestinian state with eastern Jerusalem as its capital, side by side with Israel.

1996 marks the 49th anniversary of the resolution, adopted on Nov. 29, 1947 by the United Nations General Assembly, demanding the end to the British Mandate on Palestine, the withdrawal of the British troops from there, as well as the establishment of two states on the soil of Palestine, a Jewish one and an Arab-Palestinian one.

"This resolution delineated the principles necessary to achieve a just and lasting solution to the nationality conflict in our country - the inauguration of two states which should live in peaceful cooperation with each other. However, this resolution has never been fully applied: the Jewish state, Israel, has been established, while the Arab- Palestinian state not yet."

The CPI, because of its internationalist outlook, is the only one force in Israel that demanded from the very outset 49 years ago - and is still demanding, now in common with its partners from the Democratic Hadash Front - to fully implement that UNO resolution, including the Palestinians' right to establish their independent state.

The solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, proposed by the CPI and its front partners, on the basis of two states for our two peoples, the setting up of the Palestinian state in all areas, occupied by Israel since 1967, including eastern Jerusalem, from which Israel has to withdraw unconditionally, is now accepted by almost the entire Palestinian people and their national leadership, as well as by world public opinion and growing sections of the Israeli people as an instrument for achieving a peaceful future in the region.

Several thousand Jews and Arabs, citizens of Israel, followed the call by the CPI and the Democratic Hadash Front for Peace and Equality and marched from the Meggido prison's junction to the Israeli road block on the "green line" on the highway to the Palestinian town of Jenin. The demonstrators demanded the limplementation of the UNO resolution of Nov. 29, 1947.

The marchers rallied at a field in front of the Israeli border guard road block at the "green line," - the 1949 demarcation line. On the Palestinian side of the line, several hundred Palestinian citizens who could not join the rally because of the Israeli closure of the line, came to greet the Israeli peace marchers. A long and broad green band was laid down along the "green line" by dozens of youngsters, while Hadash's Secretary Muhammed Barake declared over huge loudspeakers: "This green banner symbolizes the future border between Israel and the Palestinian state."

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