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General and political history

Barak Assassination of Abu Jihad (1988)
Labor leader, Ehud Barak, oversaw 1988 assassination of PLO military chief, Khalil al-Wazir, also known as Abu Jihad.
CP of Israel celebrates 75th anniversary
By Hans Lebrecht, in People's Weekly World, 14 January, 1995. CPI's position on the peace process.
Socialist Israel?
By Christopher David Brady, 4 October, 1995. Since left leadership was purged in the 1950s, Israel not socialist and has been led by the extreem right which, supported by religious irrationality, violates human rights in Israel.
Israeli high court approves eviction of Jahalin; Jewish settlers to take over the land
From Labor Committee on the Middle East. 28 May, 1996. Bedouin pastoralists evicted so Israeli settlers can take their land.
Workings of Israel's secret service exposed
From London Times, 2 August, 1996. Re revelation of Mossad's operations and structure, which is equivalent of US's CIA. Its Metsada command carries out terrorist actions abroad, and its special section called LAP (Lohamah Psichlogit) covers psychological warfare.
Protests grow worldwide against Israeli policies
By Tim Wheeler, in People's Weekly World, 5 October, 1996. International protests of Netanyahu's Lukud violence on West Bank, threatening Muslim sites by opening the tunnel in Jerusalem, flouting the Oslo Interim Peace Agreement, and stalling peace efforts.
Netanyahu's actions imperil peace
By Hans Lebrecht, in People's Weekly World, 7 December, 1996. The Communist Party of Israel (CPI), the only one in Israel to call for an independent Palestinian state from the very beginning, decries the government's colonization of neighboring territory.
Demands on Clinton grow: save Mideast peace
By Tim Wheeler, in People's Weekly World, 5 April, 1997. Re pressure on Clinton to have Israel to halt the Har Homa settlement in East Jerusalem that has brought the peace process to the brink of collapse.
Tens of thousands demand Netanyahu resign
By Hans Lebrecht, in People's Weekly World, 5 July, 1997. Growing broad mass movement calling for new elections.
Barak, leader of Labor Party after Perez, assassinated Abu Jihad, PLO's #2, to crush Intifada
From Mid-East Realities, 5 July, 1997. About Ehud Barak, the new head of Israel's Labor Party.


Netanyahu wants to slash more services
By Hans Lebrecht, in People's Weekly World, 14 December, 1996. Budget for 1997 will reduce the social fund and privatize, to widen gap between rich and poor.


Migrant labour in Israel
By Assaf Adiv, in Challenge, 10 November, 1995. The 1967 war brought Israel cheap Palestinian labor, but the segregation of Palestinians has resulted in infusion of cheap and manipulable migrant labor into Israel from all over the world.
Government rips Histadrut, workers for strikes
Itim, in Jerusalem Post, 29 December, 1996. Re arrest of the head of the Histradut's (General Federation of Labour) Trade Union Department, for not calling off strikes over budget cuts and violation of labor court restraining orders.
Israel workers fight government anti-labor policies
By Hans Lebrecht, in Workers Weekly World, 11 January, 1997.
Strikers blockade finance minister's office
By David Harris and Itim, in Jerusalem Post, 15 May, 1997. Public service workers strike because of plan to reduce local deficits by cutting back local services.


Discrimination of Arabs in Israel
By Doron A. Tal, 21 October, 1995. Articulates view that state of Isael not basically hostile to its neighbors.
Discrimination of Jews in Israel
By Doron A. Tal, 21 October, 1995. Another defense of the state of Israel re discrimination against oriental Jews. It has not been official policy and assimilation and egalitarianism in Israeli society has proceeded quickly.
Apartheid in the West Bank
From LAWE - The Palestinian Society for the Protection of Human Rights and the Environment, 17 September, 1996.
Status of women in Israel
The Mid-East Dispatch, 19 February, 1997. Progress within ruling class, but situation requires improvement within working class.
The Other Israel: Hava Keller, champion of Palestinian women
By Tim Wheeler, in People's Weekly World, 2 August, 1997.

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